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Our story

Everyone Gather 'round.

Gather began simply - with four friends who share a love of adventure, good food, and making memories together. Many hours were spent, over dinner tables and campfires, dreaming of ways to work together and share our passions. Our four founders, with diverse backgrounds in the food industry, sustainable agriculture, engineering, and wilderness training, found a commonality in wild food foraging. We hope to bring the spirit of wild food from our table to yours.

Basket of Dried Morels

Good food starts with good ingredients.

There's something very special about understanding the origin of the food you eat and share. Instead of growing or cultivating food in an artificial environment, we go to the source. Morel mushrooms are only found in the wild. They are some of the first life to emerge from the ashes of forest fires, and it is only in that delicate environment that they thrive. Their surroundings speak to their distinctly smoky, earthy flavour. We hope that this uniquely relevant taste will transport the diner to the forest, and give a glimpse of the natural home of these delicacies.

Burned forest perfect for foraging

Small, passionate team of adventurers

The life of a forager is no small feat. Our Gather family is driven by the adventure of the outdoors, and the challenges and triumphs it brings. We are passionate about exceptional quality food and sustainably harvest by hand only the highest quality specimens. At times that can mean hiking through mossy bogs, crawling under valleys of deadfall forest, or occasionally being chased by angry nesting grouse mothers. All done in the spirit of adventure, with the reward of good food and good stories to sustain us.

Drying fresh Morels on site

Innovation at every step.

One of our top priorities at Gather is to harvest and preserve our findings sustainably. When harvesting, sustainability means leaving enough to maintain a healthy growth cycle and share the bounty of the forest into the future. When preserving, sustainability means striving to improve the drying process, and eliminate its reliance on fossil fuels. In our first year, we developed and tested a solar powered drying method, and we continue to innovate and explore options to further improve the industry standard.

Unpicked fresh morel

Doing the work most people wouldn't

We love what we do - but we also know that not everyone would. From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy the fruits of our labour of love.

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Top Quality
Hand Foraged