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Dried Morel Mushrooms


Morels are prized for their earthy, rich, and smokey taste; dried morels are fabulous in sauces with meat, poultry or pasta. Also excellent in risottos, omelettes, quiche, stews and stir frys..


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  • Description
    • HARVEST: Summer 2015
    • SPECIES: Morchella conica (some variation)
    • SIZES: 3cm-7cm typical (special sizes available, contact for info)
    • Product is non-perishable if stored in a cool, dry place.
  • Rehydrating
    1. To rehydrate, place mushrooms in a small bowl of liquid. Water, broth, or wine all work well.
    2. Let stand for approximately 30 minutes until fully softened.
    3. Drain mushrooms and cook in desired fashion. Simply sautéed with butter and garlic is a Gather favourite!

    To get the most out of your morels, strain the rehydrating liquid to obtain a beautifully fragrant broth for sauces & soups.

    Note: Once reconstituted the mushrooms can be used as if fresh.

    Dried weight is approximately 1/8 the fresh equivalent.

  • Nutrition Info
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