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Dried Morels in a bowl

Top Quality Morels.

Good food the way nature intended.

Gather is committed to providing simple, good food to the people who love what they eat. Our Canadian wild morel mushrooms are harvested sustainably and dried professionally to provide the best quality possible.

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Hand picked Morels

Hand foraged in the Canadian Wilderness

Dried Black Morel Mushrooms

Dried Black Morels

Morchella conica

One of natures most celebrated but elusive wild mushrooms. A member of the truffle family. Classic morchella mushrooms are prized for their earthy flavor and delicate texture.

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Dried Grey Morel Mushrooms

Dried Blonde & Grey Morels

Morchella tomentosa

Grey and blonde morels are found for a limited time at the end of the morel season. These rare delicacies are sought after for their smokey, meaty flavor and unique appearance.

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Dried Smoked Morel Mushrooms

Dried Smoked Morels

Smoked Morchella conica

We take our delicious fresh picked morels and expose them to a natural elderwood smoke for enough time to impart a subtle but robust smokey taste. These morels make a great addition to meat or pasta dishes.

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Morels drying in the sun

Elusive treasures of nature.

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At Gather we're huge fans of culinary creativity. Whether you simply sautee morels in butter and garlic or make an an elaborate rich and creamy morel risotto we beleive there's no wrong way to cook and enjoy morels. If you're looking for some inspiration we're happy to share some of our favorite recipes from around the web and in the Gather Kitchen.

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Morels with chicken Fried morels on bread

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